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We adapt all types of vehicles to your needs and wishes. Here you see some of our most common customizations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to adapt your vehicle.

Angel Guard

One of our most appreciated products is Änglavakt - a cover that is mounted over the belt buckle and which makes it difficult to involuntarily loosen the belt. 

Angel Guard is designed for passengers who risk unbuckling their seat belts, voluntarily or involuntarily and therefore becomes a danger to themselves and their fellow passengers.

Till varje uppsättning Änglavakt ingår en bälteskniv.

Pris 500kr (400kr exkl. moms)/st
Frakt tillkommer

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How does an Angel Guard work? 

A cover is placed over the belt opener when the seat belt is fastened. To unbutton the seat belt, the cover must first be removed. 

Angel Guard is available in two different versions of Angel Guard. Both fulfill the same function but are handled in slightly different ways.

Black Angel Guard 

This version is the most popular. With a Black Angel Guard, you need a narrow object, such as a key or pencil, to unbutton your belt. Also best suited for belt females that are immersed in the seat or are cramped.

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White Angel Guard 

The white version of Änglavakt does not require any tool for disconnection but is pampered by hand. Use a two-handed grip and disconnect the Angel Guard to access the belt opener.

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