Marie Hav Lundkvist – Hopptimisten

For Maria Hav Lundqvist, life changed fundamentally when she was diagnosed with a muscle disease in 2012. Even though life changed, it did not end in any way. She decided to spread hope and optimism and be a positive force. Now we at Fordonsanpassarna have made a handicap adaptation of her car.


The Foundation Hopptimisten

Maria Hav Lundqvist started together with her husband, Sven-Erik Lundkvist, the foundation Hopptimistens InsamlingsstiftelseThe foundation's purpose is to provide financial support to disabled people who do not receive the aids they need from the public system.

With more than 30 years of experience in handicap adaptations of vehicles, this is a need we are well acquainted with. Therefore, we were very happy when we got the chance to adapt Maria's car for the disabled.

In addition, Maria is a frequently hired lecturer, she never takes out her own fee but encourages those who invite her to donate to the foundation.


Handicap adapted Toyota Proace City Verso

At the end of 2021, Marie and her husband Sven-Erik exchanged their wheelchair-adapted car for a Toyota Proace City Verso. This is floor-lowered all the way to the driver's and passenger seats in stainless steel for long durability.

This solution gives a very good ceiling height of 152cm, which is the highest on the market. We have also installed a Dahl lock for Marie's wheelchair. Despite the car's flexible design, there are four fixed seats.

Are you in need of a handicap adaptation or a completely different adaptation of your vehicle? Contact us and we will tell you more.