Nils van der Poel tells his story

In 2021, we at Fordonsanpassarna had the honor of rebuilding and adapting a Toyota Proace Electric to the skating star and Olympic medalist Nils van der Poel. The assignment was to convert the all-electric transport car into a caravan. 

Toyota Proace Electric - adapted and furnished for comfort 

Toyota Proace Electric, is a fully electric transport vehicle with a range of up to 330 km.  

After the conversion, it is a fully equipped camping bus, probably the only one in Sweden that is a Proace Electric, complete with bed, kitchen and running water that makes it easier for Nils at competitions and other activities. Simply have comfort and freedom when traveling. 

According to Nils van der Poel's wishes, the car is equipped with solar panels on the roof to give extra power to, among other things, the refrigerator without the car losing too much range. 

Nils van der Poel - Fordonsanpassarna

Extensive adaptation and furnishings 

Other adaptations we have made are sawing out windows, building a bed that can easily be converted into a sofa, installing new ventilation and heating systems. We have also redesigned electricity to make all equipment such as refrigerators and stoves work. From the beginning, Nils was involved and thought about getting the solutions he wanted and needed to be able to travel comfortably. 

Nils van der Poel - part of Team Toyota

Nils van der Poel is part of Team Toyota - athletes from all over the world sponsored by the Japanese mobility company. Here in Sweden, it is Toyota Sweden that sponsors the skating star, while we at Fordonsanpassarna did the rebuilding and all adjustments.

An adaptation we are very proud of 

Of course, we at Fordonsanpassarna are very proud to be able to deliver this car to Nils. Do you have an idea you want to realize. Maybe the opportunity to spend the night in your car, cook or something completely different, contact us, we will help you realize your dream vehicle. 


Watch Toyota's film about Nils van der Poel, which also includes the rebuilt car.